Welcome to the Etowah Eagle Band 2014-15 Marching Season



  • Band Update


    Etowah Foundation:

    The Etowah Band is set-up with the Etowah Foundation for tax deductible donations.The band uses this money to help with our goal of adding 30 more uniforms needed for our band and other operating purchases needed for the future.Any donated amount would be greatly appreciated.

    Concert Band Dues:

    Current Concert band students that were not part of the marching band season this all need to fill out a concert band contract along with a payment of $50 dollars that covers the cost of being in concert band.All checks need to be made to Etowah Band Booster and drop that contract and payment in Mr. Foxworth’s blue box in his office.


    Tuesday, March 3, 2015 the Advanced Band will have their performance.All Advanced Band members will leave Etowah High School at 5:30pm for their performance at 7pm.

    Thursday, March 5, 2015 the Intermediate Band will have their performance.All Intermediate Band members will leave school at 1pm for their performance at 3pm.

    District IX Band:

    Congratulations to the following students made District IX Band:

    Symphonic Honor Band

    Elizabeth Hale

    Dieter Hartmann

    Abigail Smith

    Clinic Band

    Allison Billbrough

    Bailey Burks

    Shaina Futch

    Yasmeen Ismail

    Cessna Langford

    Emmy Young

    These band students will participate in the District 9 Honor Band to be held at Fannin County High School from Thursday, Feb 12 to Saturday, Feb 14.The cost will be $25 per student that must be submitted to Mr. Foxworth by January 16th with checks made out to ESH band.

    Schedule for Thursday, Feb 12th is meeting at 6:15pm and rehearsals from 7-9 pm.Friday, Feb. 13th schedule is rehearsal from 9-11:30am, break for lunch, rehearsal 1-4pm, break for dinner and rehearsal from 6:30-9:30pm.Saturday, Feb 14th final rehearsal from 9-11:30am, break for lunch, warm up and dressed for concert by 1:30pm and the concert will start at 2pm.Students are expected to be at all rehearsals and perform in the concert.Students that cannot fulfill the obligation of participating in all activities should give the next in line the opportunity to participate.

    Parents must make lodging arrangements for the week and arrange for all transportation for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday rehearsals and concert.

    Mr. Foxworth will send home a form with the lodging and restaurants information along with directions to the Fannin County High School Performing Arts Center.

  • Band Minutes -  August 6, 2014

    6:30 Meeting called to order by Kathleen Hartmann


    In attendance:

    Kathleen Hartmann, President

    Justin Byerly, VP of Operations

    Meredith Hale, VP Communications

    Lisa Bounds, Treasurer

    Gayla Burks, Secretary

    Michael Foxworth-Band Director

    Lori Hunter – VP of Fundraising

    Cindy Schmelzer – Concessions

    Janelle Haysman – Volunteer Coordinator

    Band Parents


    Secretary’s Report:  Gayla Burks


    Minutes from April ‘14 Parent Meeting were presented.  Motion to approve minutes, Malinda Rushing; seconded by Jimmy Smith. Minutes were approved.


    President’s Report: Kathleen Hartmann


    Welcomed parents and thanked them for attending.

    Noted the main purpose of the meeting was to have a social time to get to know each other as a band family.


    Kathleen introduced herself and told parents she was the one they had been getting the weekly updates from.  Told them to see her after meeting/social if they had not been receiving her emails.

    Debuted the new Eagle Band Website (ehseagleband.org)


    Highlighted the different areas they could access on the site


    Talked about Charms via website access and the many different types of actions you could do within charms. (Checking account balances, volunteering, etc.)


    Asked that if there were any dads that were willing to step up and help Justin with Operations that they would be appreciated.


    Touched on the fact that we are going to need new equipment (trailers) in the near future.


    Asked for any dad that would be willing to work with Cindy on coke delivery day to get the beverages from the band room to the concession stand.  Kids will unload them from their truck and get them to the concession stand.


    Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Bounds


    Gave a reporting of our operating expenses for the year as 60,508.00.


    Touched on the fact that we still have 30 more uniforms we need to order.


    Noted that we have had to depend on fundraising and concessions to supplement fees to cover the operating cost.  Pointed out that this needs to be a thing of the past.  Fundraising and concessions need to be used to enhance the program (i.e. new equipment and starting to save for the next set of uniforms that will be purchased in the years to come)


    Current Bank Balance is 33,257.00 with 46 members having paid their dues in full.


    Reviewed the process to view student financials in Charms.


    VP Fundraising: Lori Hunter


    Explained the discount card program and that all members were expected to sell 10 cards or opt out of sales by making a $100.00 payment to the band.


    Discussed nut sales that we will do in October with delivery of product in time for Thanksgiving.  Also gave an opt out option of making a $50.00 payment to the band.


    Band Director’s Report: Michael Foxworth


    Thanks for supporting your child and the Etowah Band.


    Emphasized that Arts Education is so important and pays off for the students in that they learn time management and have some of the highest grades on campus.


    Handed out Mandated Reporter handout and went over what being a mandated reporter means to us as an involved band parent.  Asked parents to please sign the form he passed around as having been given the information.


    EVERYONE needs to volunteer.


    My phone # is always posted on the board in the band room.  Call anytime you have a question.


    Social and Spirit Wear Sales


    Kathleen went over the pricing sheet and items for sale.


    Explained how things would be set up outside.


    Noted that due to the weather the kids would perform the music for the first movement of the show in the old gym, followed by Kona Ice.


    Meeting Adjourned: 7:30




District Honor Band


Georgia All State Band


LGPE Advanced Band

Meet at EHS to leave by 5:30pm 

Performance at 7pm


LGPE Intermediate Band

Leave EHS at 1pm

Performance at 3pm


Etowah Band Booster Banquet




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